Social Media Management Company

Social Media Management Company

Your social media management company.

Are you well connected? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…Who can keep up? In the last few years, the face of social media marketing has radically changed. And it continues to change. It’s our business at Springboard, as well as our mission, to be your social media management company. Social media marketing is the art of engaging people—in your case customers—across multiple social channels so they become advocates or evangelists for your brand. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it’s really not. To be successful, it requires strategy, knowledge, tools, and most important, commitment. The ways in which we talk to customers has changed along with the tools we use to engage them. Do you have the time to commit to this new social media marketing arena?

How can we improve your social status?

We can manage all aspects of your brand’s social media presence, from creating and posting relevant content to monitoring and tracking performance analytics, so you can focus on your business. We’ll manage your social media marketing accounts, monitor and remove SPAM, and reply to customer comments promptly and efficiently. Plus, we’ll supply analytics that will support your social media marketing ROI. We have broad experience in social media marketing and digital marketing. These skills coupled with our agency-driven know-how of creative design, website design, and search engine optimization make Fort Lauderdale-based Springboard your social media marketing expert.

Social media marketing.

To gain relevant followers and customers for your brand, we create and implement targeted social media marketing campaigns. We can customize Facebook and LinkedIn ads to target specific geographic and demographic categories that make sense for your business and its objectives.

Interactive marketing.

Contests and promotions hosted on your brand’s social media marketing accounts give fans incentives to become followers as well as customers. Photo and video contests encourage users to engage with your brand’s social media marketing accounts with only minimal overhead on your end. Tracked coupons or exclusive discounts invite online fans to become real-life consumers, driving foot traffic—as well as web traffic—and sales for your brand and stores.

Success is a two-way street.

At Springboard, we look at each client differently but apply a common set of basics and standards to each. We deliver results to our clients based on their goals and objectives. We do this by creating a dialogue between your consumers and your brand. Success, once measured by reach and frequency, is now evaluated by the power of engagement—two-way interactivity and involvement.

Connect with us today. We would very much like to be your social media management company. Our social media links are on the right side of the page, including Facebook.

Social Media Management Company

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