Successful Advertising Campaigns

successful advertising campaigns

Multimedia ad campaigns now rule the roost.

By now, consumers have learned how to ignore traditional advertising methods. The DVR allows consumers to zip through television commercials. The decline of print media has lessened the mighty blow of display ads. Satellite radio has quieted the din of on-air spots and announcements. How does a brand manage to make some breakthrough with successful advertising campaigns?

These days, brands have to engage with their customers rather than simply advertise to them. This means brands often have to focus on multiple streams of media to make a difference. Springboard specializes in creating multimedia ad campaigns to help your brand break through the clutter and become more profitable.

CASE STUDY – Myrtle Beach C.V.B

The chamber’s Group Sales Department brought Springboard in to give develop a new ad campaign. We created a unique campaign theme  “The Beach for All Reasons” that would work for all their market segments: sports, meetings/convention and group tour. Our campaign worked successfully across several media platforms including print, digital, eblast and direct mail. As a result, Group Sales has seen the number of inquiries jump 38%. Our ads ranked in the top 10% of all the ads in M&C Magazine according to Signet Ad Study.

Multimedia means multiple touch points.

What exactly is a touch point? It’s every contact a customer has with your brand. Touch points represent an opportunity for your brand to fulfill a promise and foster a positive brand experience with your potential customer.

You could throw all the money in the world at each and every touch point in an effort to ensure a major success for your multimedia ad campaign, but where do you draw the line? At Springboard, our multimedia ad campaigns hit them from all sides—above the line, below the line, across the line, any which way around the line that gets results.

Today’s multimedia ad campaign includes:

  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  • Social media Ads
  • Pre-Roll and YouTube Videos
  • Digital Display Ads and Retargeting
  • Print Ads
  • Television and Radio

Circle back before they circle in on you.

At Springboard, we embrace all that modern technology has to offer. Make no mistake, the vultures are close by and waiting for the perfect opportunity to show your clients where you’re coming up short—and ready to prove they can do it better. Whether you embrace it or not, multimedia ad campaigns of the new media era is not only here to stay, it’s constantly evolving every day.

To reach customers online and off in today’s fast-paced digital world, you should embrace the many avenues there are to share messages. Springboard combines these tools in our integrated ad campaigns to help you reach your target audience. Our goal is to connect people through technology to maximize results.

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successful advertising campaigns

Springboard Ad/Design is a Fort Lauderdale advertising agency. We deliver breakthrough marketing solutions that won’t break the bank. Whether you're advertising online, on TV, in print or outdoors, we've got you covered. Our advertising agency services include:

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